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Wear Parts Kit - Non-Hazardous Sensors

Wear Parts Kit - Non-Hazardous Sensors

Standard Model #: WP-NH

Manufacturing Part #: MPN:WP-NH

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General Overview

Quick Maintenance at Long Intervals

The MP5™ maintains stable calibrations and needs very little intervention from an operator. The SensiCLĒNE™ technology only requires a simple-to-do and quick-to-accomplish refresh of wear parts on an annual schedule. The kit requires minimal tools and takes only minutes. Better yet, the calibration isn’t affected by the change-out.

Wear-Parts Kit Parts List: 

  • Qty 1 screened sensor cover and two stainless screws
  • Qty 1 magnetically coupled impeller and wear-ring
  • Qty 2 packs of 15 (30 total) SensiCLĒNE™ polymer beads
  • Qty 1 impeller wear ring

Key Features


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