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Gen 2 Data Display - EU

Gen 2 Data Display - EU

Standard Model #: D20

Manufacturing Part #: MPN:D20-HE

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General Overview


The D20, a cutting-edge multichannel display/controller for Halogen MP5 and other Halogen sensors, boasts remarkable technical specifications that contribute to its superior water quality analysis capabilities.

This model contains (4) 4-20 outputs and a MODBUS RTU and employs an M-12 connector and strain relief,  

Unlike the Gen 1 display, the D20 also includes data caching and analyzer control via SD cards as well as a new multiparameter readout. Contact us for more details.

Key Features


Seamlessly integrates with Halogen MP5 and other sensors, providing comprehensive water quality metrics.

Analog and digital signal transmission

Efficiently transmits analog and digital signals for reliable communication

User-Friendly Interface

Easily configure outputs, relays, and sensors through the intuitive UI. 

Remote Configuration

For network-connected controllers (Wireless Option), enjoy the flexibility of remote calibration and configuration.

Data Logging

Equipped with data logging capabilities, allowing the storage of up to 1,000,000 measurements within an onboard SD card. 


Features (4) 4-20 mA outputs.

Modbus RTU Protocol

Utilize Modbus communication protocol for efficient data exchange, enabling compatibility with a wide range of industrial automation systems. 

Future Ethernet IP Compatibility

Stay ahead with future-ready capabilities, as the Gen 2 display is designed to support Ethernet IP for advanced connectivity. 

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