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Refurbished MP5A H1 Low-Flange Side-Stream Municipal Sensor

Refurbished MP5A H1 Low-Flange Side-Stream Municipal Sensor

Standard Model #: MP5A

Manufacturing Part #: MPN:R-D-H1LF-P-5

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General Overview


A breakthrough for drinking water and wastewater monitoring, The Halogen MP5™ Multiple Parameter Sensor tests 5 parameters using a 3-electrode amperometric chlorine measurement. The MP5™ is unaffected by flow or pressure, is self-cleaning, automatically compensates for pH, and is certified for NSF-61 use. The MP5™ utilizes Halogen’s patented RapidResponse ORP™ technology, a specialized implementation of ORP measurement that will report more consistent numbers thanks to a high resistance to poisoning.

The MP5™ requires little to no maintenance and can be installed in a flow cell, directly in a pipe, or immersed in a tank, channel, or basin. Simple to install and inexpensive to operate, the Halogen MP5™ is unlike any other sensor on the market today.

Key Features

Unique Features

  • 5 Parameters in a single online near-time analyzer
  • Self-cleaning & low-maintenance
  • No membranes or electrolytes
  • NSF-61: No waste stream required
  • Factory calibrated, minimal drift
  • Flexible deployment types: directly into a wet tap valve, PVC tees, side stream, or submerged
  • The system is equipped with 4 20mA and MODBUS RTU. Other communication protocols are available upon request.
  • 24 VDC or 90 to 240 VAC operation

Benefits Of The MP5A™

Flow Independent Measurement 

The sensor is unaffected by flow velocity changes from 0 to 4 m/s. An integrated pump that utilizes a long-lasting, brushless motor delivers a fixed velocity across the electrodes, creating flow independence in any installation. The high-velocity flow across the electrodes improves sensitivity and lowers the Signal-to-Noise Ratio.

SensiCLĒNE™ Patented Self-Cleaning Technology

A patented electrochemical cleaning method called SensiCLĒNE™  resists polarization and adsorption of organics.  Cleaning beads continuously abrade the sensor. This keeps the electrode surfaces, including the pH sensor, free from buildup, scaling, and biofouling. Solid metal electrodes last the life of the system. 

These features combine to enable very long intervals between calibrations.  

No Waste Stream

Because the sensor is approved for NSF-61 usage, it can be installed as a side-stream unit, directly in a pipe, or submerged in a tank with no required waste stream. 

Easy to Monitor

An optional local Display is available for viewing parameters, troubleshooting, and calibration of up to 5 separate MP5™ units.

Ease of Service

A Wet Tap installation method enables direct insertion into a distribution pipe. Sidestream, Immersion, and PVC Tee deployments are available. Whatever deployment, the highly integrated design reduces the electronics' cost and size while increasing reliability.

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